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Tax Planning and Structuring

Tax Planning and Structuring

Proper tax planning is of key importance in successful investment projects, international trade, transactions, and general business operations. Our team of auditors and certified tax consultants and partners offers comprehensive advice and assistance in tax issues and representation in tax-related disputes.

Being a full-service firm, our tax experts are also able to work closely with our teams in other practice groups to provide comprehensive advice on diverse tax matters, ranging from M&A and corporate reorganization, to directors’ and expatriates’ remuneration, stock options or other forms of compensation.

Highlights of some of the areas advising on include:

  • the tax implications of cutting-edge and complex financial transactions and products;
  • the reduction of future corporate tax risks through novel tax strategies, based on judicial and administrative precedents as well as the latest academic research; and
  • inheritance tax, gift tax, consumption tax (VAT), customs duty, energy-related taxes (such as petroleum and coal tax and light oil delivery tax, among others) and local taxes.